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Elka sade-, työ- ja vapaa-ajan vaatteet

Meiltä suositut Elkan sadevaatteet, sekä laaja valikoima muita vaatteita niin työhön, kuin vapaa-ajallekin.

Saatavana sopivia suoja-asuja työskentelyyn viemäreissä ja muissa haastavemmissa olosuhteissa.

Elkan vaatteet saat tällä hetkellä myymälästämme: Matkuntie 1, 05200 Rajamäki, sekä verkkokaupastamme.

Tästä pääset tutustumaan Elkan nettisivuihin.

Lainattua Elkan sivuilta

''ELKA was founded in Karup by Ejnar Lauridsen in 1958. The name comes from the founder's initials (EL) and the city name (KA). The products were primarily underwear for men and women, as well as waterproof clothing. This has slowly developed into the collection we know today.

In 1979 the name was changed into the more international name "ELKA Rainwear A/S" and we have continued to work with the challenge to protect against the extremes of nature. This know-how means that we are able to sell high-quality products with excellent functionality. We offer a global service, so our customer can rest assured that they are always first in line.

Know-how is our greatest resource, and that experience, combined with the dynamism, ensures that we remain flexible and innovative. This website will give you an idea of ELKA's extensive product range, which incudes several new launches such as Dry Zone, D-Lux, EDGE and other exciting products.

We are also experts in special solutions for most industries - our focus is on your needs!''